The Decatur Shoreline Classic
St Mary's HSHS
29th Annual
A DRC Event
Shoreline Squad
Shoreline Squad Information
Registration must be done online and will not be offered at the kick-off meeting or training runs.

Shoreline Squad registration period is April 1st through July 9th.

Shoreline Squad Program   $70.00
Shoreline Squad (DRC Members)   $60.00
Shoreline Squad (17 & Under)   $50.00
Shoreline Walking Program   $45.00

View the 2017 Shoreline Commercial        Find the Shoreline Squad on Facebook!

Shoreline Squad Training Calendars:

5K Run       15K Run      Walking      Starting Line to Shoreline

Join us for a kick off/meet the Squad night on Thursday, June 14th.   Location TBD

Participants meet the squad leaders and preview the program prior to registering/participating.

Time Trial night will be Thursday, June 21st.   Practice run of the courses date TBA

Training Runs will continue for 13 weeks culminating with the Shoreline Classic on Sunday, September 16th.

The Shoreline Squad is proudly sponsored by HSHS St. Mary's Hospital and StormCenter 17.